Workshop/Seminar Cost and Entitlements

The workshops/seminars offered at the National conference are a core component of DAA’s professional development program.


Rebate for Workshop/Seminar Facilitation

DAA will offer a small incentive/rebate to workshop/seminar facilitators in recognition of the work involved in the preparation and delivery of the session. A standard rebate of $150 for a 2-3 hour workshop/seminar will apply. No other costs will be covered for workshop facilitators or presenters – e.g. flights/accommodation.


Budget and Sponsorship

  • If numbers do not meet a minimum nominated the submitting author, workshops and seminars may be cancelled.
  • Sponsorship will be part of Conference sponsorship/DAA partnership arrangements and should be discussed with the Conference Managers, Arinex, in the first instance. For further information on rates and benefits, please click here.
  • Additional resources and support may be available in special circumstances if required – e.g. for a workshop supporting DAA strategic directions.
  • All facilitators and presenters are to declare any personal sponsorship supporting their workshop or seminar – e.g. the lead facilitator must inform the Conference Managers if a presenter’s attendance is being supported, either at the time of submitting a proposal or as soon as this information is available.


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