Invited Speakers

Motivational Speakers

Matt Golinski

Matt Golinski is a highly regarded, professional chef with a passion for creating cuisine using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Well known as one of the original team members of the popular ‘Ready Steady Cook’ television series, Matt has worked as executive chef at some of Queensland’s leading restaurants and founded his own catering company. 

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Matt now enjoys working as a consulting chef to restaurants, being a regular guest chef at festivals and events and writing his popular food columns and blog.  He is also an active member of the Slow Food movement and a motivational speaker.

Since 2015 Matt has been helping the Gympie Region promote itself as a world-class food destination in his role as their Food and Culinary Tourism Ambassador. He uses his knowledge of the area and it’s producers to showcase the region through cooking demonstrations and his blog “Matt Eats Gympie”.

In March 2018, Matt joined the Peppers Noosa Resort team as their Consultant Executive Chef, developing menus that consolidate his knowledge and love of the producers of his region.

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Prof. Clare Collins

Professor Clare Collins is a Fellow of the Dietitians Association of Australian (DAA) and has been a DAA spokesperson since the program’s inception in 1999. Professor Collins is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Director of Research for the School of Health Sciences, and Deputy Director, Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition at the University of Newcastle, where she leads the largest team of researcher dietitians internationally in using eHealth to evaluate impact of food and nutrition on eating patterns and diet-related health across key life stages and chronic disease conditions. Professor Collins and has published over 300 manuscripts and supervised 28 Higher Degree Research candidates to completion.  In 2017 she was awarded the Hunter Medical Research Institute, Researcher of the Year.

Prof Collins is passionate about nutrition communication. She is a sought after media commentator having completed over 2500 media interviews, published 70 articles for The Conversation and a regular guest of TripleJ for Science Hour with Dr Karl. In 2018 she was a guest presenter for ABC Catalyst on Feeding Australia and in 2019 Ask the Doctor. Her Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), The Science of Weight Loss – Dispelling Diet Myths, has been completed by over 45,000 people across 180 countries.

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Aunty Dale Chapman

Dale Chapman, a Kooma, Yuwaalaraay woman from central Queensland, a chef, teacher, trainer and assessor mentor has specialised in the bush food industry for over 20 years, bringing entrepreneurship to the bush food industry.

Dale is a current lecturer at University of Queensland and has lectured at Hospitality College Nice in France (2004, 2006), teaching techniques of cooking with bush food and the benefits of bush food. Dale is a member of SLOW FOOD International, winner of a Snail of Approval 2018 Award and member of the Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. In 2016 ‘Coo-ee Cuisine’ a recipe book for the home cook was published.

As a chef and teacher with Aboriginal roots, Dale’s goal is not only to introduce these unique foods and tastes to the public but also to re-introduce her People to using bush tucker again. Dale has a range of unique bushfood fusion products branded under First Food Co and Sacred Harvest with a specialist bush food catering.

Today, Dale’s expertise as a bush tucker chef is greatly sought after, including lecturing and demonstrating her special mélange of ancient Australian foods and contemporary cuisine in her own unique Indigenous style. She also conducts Bush Tucker workshops, professional development training.

Mental Health Speakers

A/Prof. Tracy Burrows

Associate Professor Tracy Burrows, is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD) and Co- lead of the Nutrition and Dietetics stream of the Priority Research Centre of Physical Activity and Nutrition, University of Newcastle. Tracy has expertise in the areas of the assessment and validation of dietary intake, obesity management across the lifespan and addictive eating behaviours. She has published  > 100 peer reviewed manuscripts in international journals and received >$2 million dollars in research funding. She has received multiple research awards including 2016 NSW Tall Poppy of the year and 2014 Scopus researcher of the year.

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Dr Tetyana Rocks

Dr Tetyana Rocks is a postdoctoral research fellow and Head of Translational and Educational stream at the Food & Mood Centre, Deakin University. Her main role within the centre is to support the translation of the current evidence in the field of Nutritional Psychiatry into policy and clinical practice. Tetyana is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with extensive experience in tertiary and professional education.


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Janice Plain

Jan has had a broad professional experience in both public and private sectors.  Throughout her career her key interest has been the impact of lifestyle on health, nutrition and chronic disease.  Working in the mental health sector, Jan has been a leader and instrumental in integrating nutrition care and dietetic services into mental health services and improving nutrition and food services in mental health facilities for consumers to both enjoy healthy meals and improve their health, recovery and wellbeing. 

Jan has been a member of DAA since 1976 and a member of the Mental Health Interest Group of Dietitians Association of Australia since its 2008.  Jan was the MHIGs inaugural convenor and is the DAA representative for Mental Health Australia.

 Indigenous Health Speakers

Noell Burgess

Noell Burgess – is an APD.  She completed a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics with Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She has been practicing in the areas of Community Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition and Private Practice for 20 years and more recently has worked with Bond University as a Teaching Fellow.

Noell was the first Australian Aboriginal Dietitian and has worked in both remote and urban settings with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She was involved in the creation Indigenous Allied Health Australia and has been involved in development of the DAA Reconciliation Action Plan. She is passionate about encouraging the next generation of Dietitians to be educated about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and to understand how to communicate and work with our First Nations People.

Robyn Delbridge

Robyn is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, and became a dietitian because she loves food and people. Robyn has spent over 12 years working alongside Aboriginal people and Communities across the country. She is now a lecturer of Dietetics at Swinburne University in Melbourne and has recently become the Chair of the DAA Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group and believes that dietitians have a key role in working for reconciliation.

Tracy Hardy

Tracy a proud descendant of the Kamilaroi Nation, born and raised on Kooma country in remote South East Qld. Tracy now enjoys calling Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi country home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Tracy completed her degree in Nutrition/Dietetics with Embedded Honours, at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2017. Her research project explored the cultural safety of a chronic disease self-management program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Gympie region. In 2018, Tracy was awarded the USC Chancellor’s Medal for academic achievement and for her local and national volunteer work within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Tracy was elected Chairperson of the Indigenous Allied Health Australia’s (IAHA) Student Representative Committee in 2016 and in 2017 she became a Director (Student) on IAHA’s Board. Since completing her degree, Tracy has worked as a dietitian for the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health, and also founded Wattleseed Nutrition & Dietetics, where she provides nutrition education and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the Sunshine Coast Region. In December 2018, Tracy was elected as a Director (Graduate) on IAHA’s Board. In April 2019, Tracy commenced her PhD studies, exploring government implemented nutrition policy for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. Tracy also volunteers on research advisory committees, on a Regional Planning and Coordination Committee for Outreach Services – Central Region and as part of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia Indigenous Interest Group and Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.

Childhood Health Speakers

Jane Scott

PhD, MPH, Grad Dip Diet, BSc, Adv APD, FDAA

 Jane Scott is Professor of Public Health Nutrition Research at Curtin University and a DAA Fellow. Her research interests are in the area of public health nutrition and she is recognised internationally for her research into infant feeding practices. Her research has underpinned national and international policy and practice and told us much of what we know about the determinants of breastfeeding in Australia. She is currently a Chief Investigator on the NHMRC funded SMILE project which is investigating the contribution of early life events, including breastfeeding and early childhood dietary practices, to the development of early childhood caries.

A/Prof. Robyn Littlewood

Associate Professor Robyn Littlewood is the Director, Health Services Research, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service and Co-Chair, Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network within the Clinical Excellence Division. Associate Professor Littlewood holds a conjoint A/Professor position at the University of Queensland in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Science and lectures in paediatric obesity and health management.  She has completed both a Masters of Medical Science and PhD in the area of Paediatric Nutrition and is currently completing an MBA.

A/Prof Littlewood has published international papers in the area of paediatric nutrition and rehabilitation, chronic disease, head injury, malnutrition and obesity.  A/Prof Littlewood continues to maintain a clinical position in the area of tertiary paediatric obesity for Children’s Health Queensland and maintains special interests in the area of health services research and infant obesity prevention. 

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Dr. Kerri-Lyn Webb

Dr. Kerri-Lyn Webb is a Paediatrician with Children’s Health Queensland, and Co-chair of Queensland Health’s Child & Youth Clinical Network (QCYCN). Kerri has been the Chair of the QCYCN Child Development Subnetwork since 2009 and has had a lead role in shaping child development service provision across the state. She has a strong interest in adolescent service provision, service planning and redesign, intersectoral working and policy advocacy in children’s health. Kerri has been extensively involved in training health professionals in transdisciplinary practice and family centred care, and works with clinicians and consumers of healthcare to progress quality, safety and integrated care initiatives.

She lives in Brisbane with her husband and four beautiful children.

Melinda White

Dr White has worked as a paediatric dietitian for over 20 years and is currently the Acting Director of Dietetics and Food Services, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service. She is the chair of the Queensland Paediatric Working Group and specialises in malnutrition treatment and prevention. Dr White’s research activities are targeted towards nutrition related clinically translatable outcomes as demonstrated by her PhD in the area of paediatric critical care nutrition which produced the ‘White’ equation used to predict energy requirements in critically ill children. Recently, Dr White’s research direction has been malnutrition prevention and screening where she has led the National Paediatric Nutrition Snapshot Day and multi-centre translational research in paediatric nutrition screening producing the Paediatric Nutrition Screening Tool which is used internationally in major paediatric hospitals.

Master of Ceremonies

Tara Diversi

B.HSc, M.Nutr&Diet , GradDipPsyc, PostGradDipPsyc, GradCertHEd, MBA, APD

 As a new graduate dietitian almost 17 years ago, Tara Diversi never thought she’d be this passionate about being a dietitian, and helping other’s lead their best lives. As a board member of DAA and proud Accredited Practising Dietitian, Tara has worked in almost all areas of dietetics. Now she believes in multiple income streams and lives her life by design – a gift that dietetics has given her. Tara is the National Dietetic adviser to DVA, Lectures at Bond University and works with extreme endurance athletes from around the globe. She is a Federally appointed entrepreneruship facilitator in Cairns and provides consultancy and training through her business Health Leadership Australia. She is the co-founder of Sophus Nutrition and, platforms that combines nutrition with behavioural economics and technology to bring evidence-based dietetic care into homes of clients around the world.

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Lecture In Honour of Ruth English (AO)

Lecture In Honour presenter - Professor Lauren Williams


Lauren Williams is Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University and a Fellow of the Dietitians Association of Australia. She has been a public health nutritionist for 35 years- even before she became a dietitian. Her Honours year project for her science degree was on the 1983 Dietary Guidelines for Australians which had recently been released by the Commonwealth Dept of Health.

After qualifying as a dietitian and working in a hospital role for several years, Lauren went on to lead the community and public health nutritionist team at the forward-thinking Central Coast Area Health Service – from the late 1980s and into the 90s. She developed the Caring for Children project in long day care on behalf of NSW health, work that continues today.

Lauren established and Chaired DAA’s first public health nutrition committee and represented DAA on several bodies including the Implementation Committee for the National Nutrition Policy. At the same time, she embarked on further study in the social sciences, public health and health promotion.

Lauren then commenced in academia and completed a PhD in public health nutrition. She brought a social science perspective to public health nutrition and the education of dietitians, particularly through her edited text A Sociology of Food and Nutrition: the Social Appetite, which has encouraged the teaching of the social side of food and nutrition across Australia and internationally.

Through her academic career she has so far tried to convince 27 cohorts of nutrition and dietetics graduates about the importance of public health nutrition. She is hoping to convert a few more with her presentation today.